Yoga Class Descriptions


Yoga with Lynn

Stretch and DeStress – Mondays, 6:30 PM

DeStress in this class with slow stretching and gentle quietude.

A relaxing, and incredible calming yoga class. Stimulating the

para-sympathetic nervous system this class is deeply relaxing and slow

paced. This class is ideal for those love a quiet restful practice.

All levels – Beginners welcome!

Vinyasa Flow – Wednesday, 9 AM

Flowing with the breath, this class is a dynamic practice that joins

movement to breath. Movement and postures flow beautifully from one

pose to another while linking breath and mindful awareness to increase

flexibility, strength and stamina. Have fun, let go, and find your flow.

All levels – Beginners welcome!

Hatha Flow and Release – Thursday, 6:30 PM

Experience simplicity and ease of movement in this practice through

mindful awareness and attention to detail.  Perfectly balanced, postural

alignment is gently encouraged and refined while blending

in just the right amount of relaxation and muscular release.

All levels – Beginners welcome!

Restorative Stretch and Yin – Friday, 10:30 AM

Enjoy feelings of rejuvenation and stability as you deepen the stretch

in this Yin Yoga practice. This class moves at a slower pace and holds

poses for long periods of time challenging the mind and the body

while bring a deep sense of peace and restoration to the senses.

 All levels – Beginners welcome!

Yin Yoga – Sunday, 10:30 AM

Bring nourishment and harmony to the body in this Yin yoga practice.

Accessing layers of fascia, this class activates the parasympathetic

(rest and digest) system allowing the body to release deeply held

tension in the body and mind. A perfect choice for those with

fast paced lifestyles and those who nurture mental focus and 

inner stillness. All levels – Beginners welcome!