Yoga with Lynn


Inside Hands of Mercy Massage, Bldg 322


Class Schedule

Monday 6:30 PM

Stretch and De-stress

Wednesday 9 AM

Vinyasa Flow (On Hiatus Resumes on 10.2.19)

Class Schedule

Thursday 6:30 PM

Hatha Flow and Release

Class Schedule

Friday 10:30 AM

 Restorative Stretch and Yin

Sunday 10:30 AM

Yin Yoga


Single Classes

First Time Student Drop-In $8

Single Class Rate $11


3 Classes $30   ($10 per class)

6 Classes $54    ($9 per class)

12 Classes $96   ($8 per class)

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“Yoga – To be in union with…


The pursuit of strengthening and unifying
the energies of our body, 
soul and mind through breath and movement…


A support for personal
ascetic disciplines…


A help in learning to live at peace, one with another.

–Lavonne Ayoub


I look towards silence.

It is not as I had heard, a peak

With natural footholds and the crampons left

By better climbers


Contrary to what the say there is no map

(they may be speaking of another place )

There is only surrender… ~Pauline Matarasso