Live Life. Well. ~ Drink water!

I know we hear this all the time, but really, drink more water!  Do not overlook the simplicity of drinking water for it’s health benefits.


Tips for helping to increase water intake:

woman drinking water

1) If you do not like drinking water – change the water you are drinking. It may be that you are drinking dead, flat water. Clean water is good – but often water that has been cleaned well also is stripped of it’s nutrients. Find a water that has a good mineral and nutrient content and also has a good pH balance. The optimal range for pH is typically considered to be in the range of 6.5 to 8.0


2) Drink infused water – Any fruit can make drinking water more enjoyable, however, lemon is an exceptional additive to water because when it is fully metabolized it helps to create an alkalized environment in the body – which is supremely healthy!


Taking care of ourselves, for most people comes as a struggle 🙂 But let me assure you it is an essential component for good health and feelings of well-being.


Remember once you start making yourself a priority, you will realize how much more you can do for others. It’s a “win-win” as they say… So start making yourself a priority today! You are worth it!


To YOUR health and well-being!

by admin