Are you sleeping?


So many people, including myself, find drifting off to sleep every night a real struggle, and yet we know good sleep is essential for health and well-being!


Studies show that good sleep helps to fight many major diseases, diminish symptoms of pain, help with clarity of thought and has a hostof other wonderful benefits. Knowing the many benefits of good sleep, I thought you might like to try these breathing exercises 🙂


Relax and enjoy the following steps:


Step 1 – Relax your body gently in a seated position, or if you are ready for sleep simply lie flat in a comfortable position on your bed.
Step 2 – With a gentle controlled breath begin a long deep breath through your nostrils. This breath should be from 4 to 7 seconds long. Hold this breath for a few seconds.


Step 3 – Release your breath with the same gentle control until there is no more breath in your diaphragm. This exhale breath will be longer than the inhale breath and should last from 6-11 seconds.


Practicing controlled breathing for health and well-being is as ancient as the intuitive healing arts of India and as new as the sciences of the west!  Best of all it is simple, EASY and free!


Simply start with 5 minutes and build up to 10 minutes every evening and don’t give up! I hope this practice helps you as much as it has helped me.
Live Life. Well.™


Yours in health,


Lavonne & Cherokee

Hands of Mercy Massage, PLLC

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