About Lavonne

Lavonne found her love for massage therapy through personal experience. Having been introduced to massage therapy through a friend, she found it was supremely effective in helping her with her own stress levels and pain management efforts and decided to gain her diploma so she could share this beautiful art form with others.  Lavonne now has Diplomas in both Florida and Washington State for Massage Therapy, and is owner of Hands of Mercy Massage in Tavares, FL.



She has been a body worker for 15 years and has taught courses in massage, yoga, relaxation/meditation, personal development and spirituality. She also has completed hundreds of hours in Continuing Education courses, that include but are not limited to, Deep Tissue Body Work, Deep Relaxation Massage, Prenatal/Post Natal and Pediatric Massage, Thai Body Work and Yoga Stretch, Yin Yoga, Essential Oil Therapy, and Colon Hydrotherapy/Detox.



After developing and teaching the Oriental Medicine Overview course for the American Institute of Clinical Massage in the Pacific Northwest, and years of personal practice, Lavonne went on to develop the Total Body Flow Massage ® method. Offering a beautiful and balanced blend of eastern and western massage techniques, Total Body Flow Massage ® method has a strong focus on anatomy, stretching, energetic techniques and Swedish techniques, and above all a mindful approach to bodywork. She is an Instructor of this method at Hands of Mercy Massage.



Total Body Flow Massage ® method