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Method 1

Relaxing Gentle Pressure

This Classic Total Body Flow Method combines flowing rhythmic strokes and Swedish relaxation techniques that apply extremely gentle pressure to the soft tissue of the body for the ultimate in deep relaxation and stress relief.

Method 2

Gentle to Moderate Pressure

Building on the rhythmic relaxing strokes of our Classic Total Body Flow Massage, this intermediate level is for those who want the benefits of a deeply relaxing massage AND a medium tissue pressure with the added option of elegant, gentle stretching and other complementary massage techniques that address muscular pain and stress in the body.

Method 3

Deep Tissue Massage

Continues building on Methods 1 and 2 while adding in the exquisite technique of rhythmic dynamic stretching and deep tissue massage. This advanced technique is for clients who carry pain and stress in the deepest parts of the body and love to take intense pressure during massage.


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Full Body Massage Menu:

60 minutes – hands on $89 ($67 Wellness Program Members)

90 minutes – hands on $111 ($89 for Wellness Program Members)

120 minutes – hands on $141 ($126 for Wellness Program Members)

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